Android 12 , Hibernation and Trash

  The new Android 12 comes in with new features like hibernation and trash. Android 12 automatically sets the unused apps to an idle state to provide more space. It also brings out the trash bin for the deleted files. It can delete temporary files of unused apps on its own without any user actions. Enhancing this feature, 12 can also delete these unused apps as well . This hibernating feature will remove the compilation artifacts and clear the associated cache memory.  The trash feature will provide a dialogue box informing how much storage space you will get with the files you want to delete.

Ecommerce Trends Leading the Way

The biggest eCommerce trends of 2021 AR enhances the reality of online shopping . There will be a growing volume of voice search AI helps in learning about shoppers. On-site personalization uses those insights to create individualized experiences Big data plays a big part in creating personalized experiences. Chatbots improve the shopping experience. Mobile shopping is still on the move. More ways to pay. Headless and API-driven eCommerce allow continued innovation. Customers respond to video. Subscriptions keep customers coming back. Sustainability is becoming more important. Businesses should optimize digital strategy for conversion. B2B is growing...and changing.

.AAB replaces with .APK

Google Play has announced that new apps need to be published with Android App Bundle (AAB) starting from August 2021. Down the line, the .apk will be replaced with .aab format. Google says aab will be applicable for only new apps that are coming to the play store from August 2021. Existing apps are exempted as they are private and published to manage the Google Play users.  The new .aab format optimizes .apk's for distribution across different devices and languages and it will be 15% small than the apk format apps. The .aab should be no bigger than 150MB. Also, there is play app  signing  that is required for app bundles. It protects your app signing key by using Google's secure infrastructure and offers the option to upgrade to a new  cryptographically stronger app signing key .  Companies developing mobile applications should follow these criteria to get their apps verified in near future.